Jewelry Process Spotlight: Irena Bracelet

Jewelry Process Spotlight: Irena Bracelet

Posted by Abigail Edwards on

Being one of Son of a Sailor's most popular pieces of jewelry, our Irena bracelet deserves a highlight on how she is made! 

The Irena bracelet is something that we recently started offering with 14k gold-filled finishings for a lifetime of tarnish-resistant shine. In addition to this, we also use silk cord and glass beads. Put those three things together and you have a bracelet that is perfect for layering with our other hand-crafted bracelets or as a single item for all the minimalists out there. 

How's it made? 

We always start with choosing quality materials. In this case, we will go grab our Japanese glass beads, silk cord, and 14k gold-filled finishings. 

Step 1:

We use a curved needle and bead bowl to string beads onto the silk cord. As you spin the bowl, the beads magically hop onto the needle! The silk cord comes with an attached needle so it make it easy to just string the beads right on. We measure out our segment of beads, add a gold-filled tube, then repeat this process for an even amount of beads on the other side of the tube. Tie a knot on each end of the beads to keep everything in place.


Step 2:

We add a 14k gold-filled tube to create a closure. We string it onto one end of the cord then use a needle on the other end to thread it through the opposite way. This should allow the cord to come through opposite ends of the tube. Then all we have to do is double knot the ends to make sure the closure doesn't slide right off.

Step 3:

This is the last step! We use pliers to crimp the 14k gold-filled tube. This adds tension to turn it into a sliding clasp. You can adjust it from 5.5 in. to 9.5 in. to get the perfect fit for your wrist. We use pliers to add 14k gold-filled crimp bead covers to cover those end knots. 

We repeat this process to make all the different color options of our Irenas. The colors in our most recent collection are fuchsia, neon pink, olive, and periwinkle




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