Pocket Douk Douk Knife | Black

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Created in France for over 80 years and used by the Army and French Foreign Legion, Douk-Douk knives have a reputation of strength and reliability. The French Douk-Douk Knife is a single carbon steel blade with a black gunmetal or polished silver treated folded steel handle. They make perfect pocket knives since they’re flat and lightweight and are a great universal utility knife. The handle depicts a "douk-douk", or Melanesian spirit incarnation. 


blade: 2-7/8 in. / handle: 3-3/8 in. / total length: 6-1/4 in.

Spring mechanism hold blade open.

Hollow-ground carbon steel blade.

Made in France

This is a tool intended for everyday use, and a rough patina will be earned on the entire finish of the knife, over time. Sharp objects should be kept out of the reach of young children. The brass pendant will tarnish with time and exposure to the elements. Gently polish the piece with a jewelry polishing cloth to restore its original shine. Avoid polishing knife.