A Business that Started as a Love Story

A Business that Started as a Love Story

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In the heart of Texas, the story of Son of a Sailor unfolds: a tale of two creative souls, Billy and Jessica, whose journey is as extraordinary as their creations. Established in 2011, this dynamic duo has not only brought hundreds of handmade products to life but also a story worth sharing.



Meet Billy:

Billy, with a quiet and deliberate demeanor, follows his own path and paces himself to his own rhythm. Raised amidst open spaces in the Midwest, his early life was a blend of creativity and movement. He initially planned to study graphic design but took an intermission to join the Navy, an adventure that proved to be both exploratory and grounding, before continuing on to graphic design. His naval journey included intense and surreal moments in an exploratory adventure that gave him a heavy dose of reality. He experienced 9/11 aboard a destroyer, hearing about an attack at home while he was at sea. But he also remembers watching sunsets from the deck and relishing in this time that felt so temporary. The Navy offered him opportunities and life lessons that were both expected and surprising and ultimately lead him to Texas, where he eventually settled.

Meet Jessica:

Jessica, a Texan native, embraced the creative arts as she moved around, studying photojournalism at the University of Texas at Austin. After graduating in the challenging post-9/11 job market, she took on less-than-ideal jobs, but it ignited her desire to align her life with her passions. She immersed herself in the local arts scene, which opened doors to creative fields. Her path led to working in photography galleries and art curation, but she soon discovered that while it fed her intellect, it didn't nurture her soul.


Then, the turning point arrived when she met William.

The initial encounter between Billy and Jessica set the tone for their artistic journey, and while their relationship started as a long-distance one, it soon led to a permanent bond. Their union marked a transition from separate creative lives to a shared path.



In the Son of a Sailor's story, fearlessness is a recurring theme. They took the leap of starting a business together, setting up shop on Etsy, and the positive response propelled them forward. Their partnership thrives on the contrast between their personalities, which they lovingly refer to as "peas and carrots." It's the differences that have driven their creative success.

Their daily routine revolves around their art and business, with their eyes firmly set on the future. The ever-evolving style and authenticity of their work continue to set them apart. 

As they continue their artistic journey, the story of Son of a Sailor is a testament to the power of fearlessness, the joy of creative collaboration, and the enduring pursuit of their passions. Their love for what they do fuels their work. It is hard to stop when you're working with your best friend. They've crafted lives they don't want to escape from, and they're always moving forward, driven by the art of creation.

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