By: Pigeon Toe Ceramics

Cast from a rock found in the Washougal river, the Stone Pipe manages to be a playful pun, beautiful object, and supremely functional smoking apparatus all in one. Choose from Blush with blush glaze, Grey with clear glaze, or Eggplant with clear glaze. 

Perfectly pocket-sized, the Stone Pipe is cast in tinted ceramic and glazed for easy cleaning in the bowl and around the mouthpiece. 

These pipes are intended for tobacco use only. Buyer must be at least 18 years or older to purchase. Buyer is solely responsible for knowing and duly abiding by their local laws in purchasing and in use of this product. Please note, as smoking apparatuses are personal use objects, we cannot accept refunds or exchanges on this item. 

Measures: 3.25″ X 2.5″ X .75″

Beauty Inherent
Pigeon Toe explores the aesthetic potential of objects that populate and create our lives to accentuate function and redefine form.

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