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Son of a Sailor on the Petty Pod!

Son of a Sailor on the Petty Pod!

Posted by Jessica on 20th Jun 2018

About five years ago we had our first collection launch party, and we asked Neliyo to come perform at Parts & Labour! Fast forward to 2018 and Neil now has a killer podcast where he interviews creative folks from all walks of life! I am so honored to be his most recent guest!

We talked about growing up as a math nerd, heroin in pills, being a morning person, and so many other things! I honestly could have talked with him for hours, and had a great time. You should go check out The Petty Pod -- if not to hear our conversation, then to dig into some juicy interviews with amazing people the likes of artist Alyson Fox, designer Will Bryant, rapper ShowYouSuck, or pastry chef Amanda Rockman!

Thanks, again, to Neil for inviting me, and to Annie Ray for snapping a super cute pic! Oh, and thanks to Walter for letting me pet you lots...

Check out The Petty Pod on Soundcloud here, and be sure to follow Neil Petty and Annie Ray on Instagram! You won't regret it!