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Playing Santa for a Day!

Playing Santa for a Day!

3rd Dec 2018

This month, we were thrilled to have been invited to join a handful of other makers in spreading holiday cheer as we handed out free handmade gifts on the streets of Seattle! Along with a small team of other handmade business owners that sell on Amazon Handmade, we spread out around downtown Seattle with huge sacks of presents, handing them out to passers by. 

Featured Artisans

Amazon may not be the first thing that comes to mind when people think about independent business, but they have created a wonderful space for handmade makers like ourselves to represent our brand to its millions of customers. Within Amazon’s broad expanses, this space highlights Handmade artisans and includes rich profiles that detail their process and the makers' unique story.

Amazon brought us all to Seattle this season to spread the word that you can shop with small, independent makers right from Giving out 1,400 gifts - no strings attached - this holiday season allowed us to show people the faces behind these handcrafted products!

 Amazon Handmade

Our journey brought us together with some pretty wonderful people. We became fast friends with the brothers from Hardmill, a local Seattle company that handcrafts durable goods that I immediately needed in my life. This apron? Want. Tote bag? Want. 


Beyond the gorgeous goods they make (and the fact that one of them looks just like my cousin), the brothers were such cool guys. It was awesome to spend a couple of days with them, traipsing around Seattle playing Santa.

Running around with the couple behind, the woman behind From Molly With Love, and a group of wonderful, self-proclaimed "elves" from Amazon was a refreshing break for all of us during this season. The behind the scenes of the holidays can get hectic and stressful as a small business owner, and this was a nice reminder of what the holidays are really about.

Black Lantern  

Billy and I try to design products in our line that we would like to give as gifts- Billy is the best gift-giver that I know, so this makes a lot of sense! Taking a moment to actually give our products out as presents to unsuspecting strangers reminded us of the feeling of unconditional giving that our company is founded on.

We were one of the original makers invited to sell on Amazon Handmade when they launched. Reaching such a wide audience has been a unique opportunity, and has really grown our business in ways that we weren't able to do before. Being able give to a large audience in such a literal way this holiday season was a great experience that we won’t soon forget. That we walked away with some new friends was just an added bonus.