By: Son of a Sailor

This set of two 12 oz. copper mugs with leather sleeves is the result of an exclusive collaboration between Son of a Sailor and Sertodo Copper.  

Hand-forged solid 100% recycled copper cups are accessorized with removable stitched leather sleeves that insulate hands from hot or cold.  Available in natural, black, indigo, and Rio pattern.  

The Rio Pattern is inspired by the spring fed San Marcos river, the geometric pattern can be found on various Supply products this season for a full range of functional constructions.


The Copper mug and sleeve set are a part of our Supply collection where natural leather joins our modern color pops. Supply pulls from sleek masculine pieces, earthy leather with a pop, and a focus on heritage. Focused around longevity, these pieces are meant to be passed from generation to generation. 

Remove leather sleeve before washing cups. Wash and dry immediately to prevent spotting, though some spotting will occur over time from reactions with tap water. Copper will patina with time, which many find appealing, but can be polished to it's original shine. Leather can be spot cleaned with a wet cloth.

Find more copper care instructions on Sertodo's website, here


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