By: Fortitude Provisions

Through the Son of a Sailor family, we have had the oppertunity to meet many a local Austin makers, including Ray. The first time we tried his line of handmade apothecary, we were gone. Geared for the guys, but great for the ladies too, his line is one we love. Now, we're pleased to stock a collection of Fortitude Provisions goods in The Storefront! 


Our Charcoal Soap is like a magnet that absorbs pollutants and debris from your skin.

We start by infusing a bend of moisturizing oils with activated bamboo charcoal, a material that is highly absorbent and acts like a filter for your skin. After naturally saponifying, the soap cures for 6 weeks to ensure a hard, long-lasting bar.

Scented with a refreshing blend of Australian Eucalyptus, Virginia Cedarwood, Listea, and Peppermint essential oils.

4 oz. bar 

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