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Smudging” is the practice of burning herbs to cleanse, or remove negative energy from a room. This technique has been used by indigenous cultures for centuries, and can also be enjoyed for its aromatic qualities. This sampler set brings together 4″ bundles of the most popular burning herbs:

California Sage

White Sage (Salvia apiana) is hand-harvested from the coast of California. It is one of the most popular smudging herbs, and has traditionally been used by native cultures as a ritual incense. Its aroma is bold, earthy, and herbaceous. It is said to relax senses and clear negative energy.

Blue Sage

Harvested from the coastal mountains of California, Blue Sage has a sweet, herbal, and earthy scent. It is milder than California White Sage, with a less musky bouquet and clean finish. Traditionally, Blue Sage smoke is used by the Navajo to cultures to treat headaches and “cleanse” or clear negative energy from rooms.

Western Cedar

Native to the Pacific Northwest, Western Cedar (Thuja plicata) is one of the largest  species of trees. Among native cultures, Cedar is known as the mother of life and is traditionally burned for protection.  It has a fresh, evergreen smell with a clean finish and its smoke is clarifying and uplifting.

Each bundle measures roughly 4 in.


Open window for airflow
Light bundle tip, and allow to smolder for 30 seconds
Walk around home with smoking bundle to refresh stale air

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