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Billie Necklace / Black Ceramic Beads

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The chunkiest necklace in the collection, the Billie is a statement piece with large black Greek Ceramic discs and round beads balanced perfectly on vegetable tanned leather.  The Billie is finished with solid brass detailing and the total length of this statement necklace is 32 inches.  

The Billie Necklace is a part of our Femina collection, which celebrates simple, modern forms and natural materials. Based on striking neutrals, intentional strokes of color punctuate the collection. Each piece is named after an influential and inspiring woman, who has made a tremendous impact on the world. 

The Billie Necklace is named after Billie Jean King, the US tennis legend and the winner of 20 Wimbledon titles.  She famously beat Bobby Riggs in 1973 for a $100,000 prize in "The Battle of the sexes" after he said to her that men were superior athletes.  She later went on to form the Women's Tennis Association and has campaigned for equal prize money for female players.


total length: 32 in.

The piece will tarnish with time and exposure to the elements. Jewelry should be removed before swimming or showering to help maintain shine.  Avoid polishing gemstones.