By: Fortitude Provisions

Room Colognes are handcrafted with natural essential oils – no synthetic fragrances, parabens, or irritating alcohol. 4oz bottle lasts a month with daily spray. Recyclable glass container. Each scent is based on one of the seasons and brings its own unique aromatic qualities:


Spring Revival brings the fresh, verdant, and relaxing aroma of a spring morning. fresh, verdant, and relaxing aroma of a spring morning. A blend of Lavender flowers, Lime peel, Fir Needles, and Palmarosa awaken your senses and soothe your spirit.

Qualities: Fresh, Soothing, Moderately Sweet
Fragrance strength: Medium
Fragrance Components: Lavender Flower, Lime Peel, Fir Needles, Palmarosa.


Summer Soul brings the sweet, refreshing, and crisp aroma of a beach side camping trip. A blend of Pink Grapefruit, Bourbon Geranium, and Rosemary keep the summer at your reach.

Qualities: Sweet, Refreshing, Crisp
Fragrance strength: Medium
Fragrance Components: Pink Grapefruit, Bourbon Geranium, Rosemary


Autumn Kindling brings the warm, comforting aroma of an evening in the forest. A blend of Cedarwood, Spiced Orange, Patchouli, and Campfire Embers take you on a scenic journey.

Qualities: Warm, woody, spicy, comforting
Fragrance strength: Medium-Strong
Fragrance Components: Cedarwood, Clove, Orange, Patchouli, Vetiver, and Frankincense. 


Winter Hike brings the cool, crisp and invigorating scent of a winter hike. Notes of Eucalyptus, Cedarwood, Pine Needles, Peppermint, and snow sledding.

Qualities: Cool, Woody, Refreshing
Fragrance strength: Medium
Fragrance Components:Virginia Cedarwood, Fir Needle, Pine Needle, Australian Eucalyptus, and French Peppermint


Hold bottle upright, and spray in sweeping motion. We recommend 4-5 sprays for a large room, and 2-3 for a small one.

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