Original Art | "Amoeba 1" by Mazed

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San Antonio artist Mazed (Alexa Wilson) creates continuous line drawings, solvable mazes, and geometrically inspired pen and ink drawings. Each piece is an original hand-drawn work, signed and titled on the back by the artist. 

This piece is a continuous line drawing.

Ink on Bristol paper

4 in. x 6 in.

Alexa Wilson (she/he/they)

Artist Statement

Alexa believes that drawing mazes are the physical manifestation towards her own self-discovery. Maze-drawing is a visually stimulating process that functions as a form of meditation and healing, while also inviting an aspect of play. Alexa intuitively learned how to create mazes when she was very young. During high school, she would doodle mazes on notebook paper, challenging friends to secretly solve them during class. Within her first years of architecture school, she began to take her maze-making abilities seriously, integrating design knowledge and drafting techniques into her artistic process. Her mazes shifted from note-book paper to vellum, from #2 pencils to Micron ink pens - it was through this process in which MAZED was born.

All maze drawings are solvable and drawn freehand. Each piece has its own unique name and personality, drawing inspiration from objects, music, and memories: electronic rhythms, building fragments, tree bark textures, and human hair formations to name a few. As of 2022, Alexa has expanded beyond mazes, in which she also creates continuous lines drawings and repetitive patterns. The surface selected for each piece is just as important as the drawing, in which each surface is chosen to articulate the personality of the drawing. Her goal is to invite others to challenge themselves by finding their way through the lines and make time to be introspective.