Kaleid Necklace | Neon Pink & Olive

Kaleid Necklace | Neon Pink & Olive

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Pink and green? No, this is neon pink and olive green, thank you very much!

This Kaleid necklace has a beautifully crafted pattern made from Japanese glass beads. A 14k gold-filled chain ensures this necklace will last a lifetime of wear.

Total length adjustable from 15-18 inches.

Jewelry should be removed before swimming or showering to help maintain shine. Gently clean the chain with a soft cloth or jewelry polishing cloth. Avoid polishing beads.

The Kaleid collection grew from a need for bright prismatic color in our life! While we so often luxuriate in neutrals and subtle, dusky tones, we also crave bold, pigmented color. Vibrant colors that pop and play off of one another in a kaleidoscope of pattern.