Essential Oil Blend | HAG

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Crafted to be like a brush that will sweep off the everyday energetic filth and cleanse the home environment from negative energy clusters. Energetic cleansing, like everyday chores, not only cleans our energetic field but also gives a certain level of “immunity”. The oil’s magical fragrances might help to: Get rid of bad energy; Dispose of accumulated anger and negative emotions; Absorb the negative energy of evil eye, ill wishes, and curses; Cleanse the home’s energy field. In Norse mythology, the goddess Hag is the infamous witch that spreads destruction, disasters, and misfortune, as well as causes nightmares while we sleep. However, in this case, she will help us to destroy all the negative energy, jealousy, grudge, and anger that we accumulated by ourselves and that others sent toward us.

Notes: Lavender, Rosemary, Juniper berry