Decorative Platter | no. 2 by Eliana Bernard

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This 12 inch decorative platter from Eliana Bernard is handmade using a combination of slab-work and throwing. Beautifully curved, it can be used as a shallow bowl or a platter, and features gorgeous curved linework. The unglazed, coarse surface in Speckled Sand colored clay with matte black glaze linework and gold luster linework is masterfully crafted, and no two platters will be exactly alike. The linework will vary from piece to piece. 

A statement piece that will bring a sophisticated, playful vibe to your home.

Size: 12 in. x 12 in. x 1 3/4 in.

Not recommended for wet food due to the nature of the unglazed surface. Dry food only or decorative use only.