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By: Son of a Sailor

Our Lima dolls marry the traditional Matryoshka doll set with bold, modern color. Set of five dolls in a periwinkle to seafoam ombre transition, they make the perfect playful and sophisticated addition to your home. 

The Lima Doll Set is a part of our Supply collection where natural materials join our classic hand-painted techniques. Supply is derived from sleek masculine pieces, earthy wood with a pop, and a focus on heritage. Drawing from Billy's Navy days, each piece in Supply has been named from a letter of the phonetic alphabet. Focused around longevity, these pieces are meant to be passed from generation to generation. 

largest doll: 5 1/2 in. tall, 3 in. wide

smallest doll: 1 3/8 in. tall, 1/2 in. wide

Our Lima nesting dolls are made with heavy-duty paint and varnish. With heavy play, you will see wear and tear on the hand-painted finish of these dolls. This toy is NOT recommended for small children, as it contains small parts.

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