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We know what a challenge it can be for shops to find unique products. We all want to carry the most popular brands, but we don’t want to end up looking like every everyone else!

Color customization is a great way to set yourself apart while keeping your favorite products in stock. While we can’t promise exclusivity, we can ensure that your colors reflect the shop your stockists worked hard to curate. Let us help you out by customizing the colors of your favorite leather, wood, and metal SOS goods!

Son of a Sailor is also pleased to offer co-branding options for our customers. Many of our leather and wood items are ripe for customization via branding, laser engraving, or embossing. Exact pricing depends on the design, but typically incurs a tooling fee of $100-200 and a custom item fee of $1-10 per item.

If you have a customer who is interested in co-branding or custom products, please reach out to a Son of a Sailor representative and we’ll be happy to give more information!


Custom orders must be pre-paid. Credit cards will be charged at the time of order receipt for the full order amount. Customers may request to pay up front only for the portion of their order that is custom, but no exceptions will be made on prepayment for custom items. Custom orders may not be cancelled, and are not eligible for return or exchange. All custom sales are final.



For easy ordering and accessibility, we have assembled digital swatch books to show our custom colors. The swatch books, which are located on the next few pages, are split into “Leather” and “Wood & Metal.” Due to the making process, please keep in mind product material when ordering, as a wooden or metal product cannot be painted with leather paint and vice versa.

Looking for something specific? Color matching is available, but may incur an additional fee.

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 As a Son of a Sailor Stockist you are able to conveniently shop all current Son of a Sailor product, as well as display items, at wholesale prices. You will have access to our exclusive collections, our catalogs, and linesheets. As well as our amazing customer service team that's here to help you through the ordering process, custom product design, and product display education. Son of a Sailor is excited to work with you!


Our minimums are $400 for an opening order and $300 for a reorder. Please make sure your order reaches this minimum when checking out.


Payment in full is required prior to shipment of your order, so please ensure that payment is arranged in advance of your delivery date to prevent delays. Payment may be made in the following ways:


Payment via credit card may be done at the time of your order via our website. Your payment history may be viewed within your account at any time. You will receive an order confirmation with your payment reflected from our accounting system, Xero, after placing your order.


If you elect to be invoiced for your order, you will receive an invoice from our accounting software, Quickbooks, through which you may process payment for your order.


If you would like to call the studio to provide a credit card for payment over the phone, you may do so during our business hours. You may also elect to keep a credit card on file that we will run upon shipment of your order. Please note that orders may be ready to ship prior to their 6 week deadline and cards will be charged at completion, unless other instructions are given. We store credit card information securely using Quickbooks, and you may manage your cards on file. This allows you to update cards or remove cards if you no longer wish to keep them on file. Please contact us if you'd like to set up your card on file.


Checks may be mailed to:

Son of a Sailor
241 N. LBJ Dr
San Marcos, Texas 78666


Rush orders may be accepted on a case-by-case basis. Orders with a delivery date prior to our 6 week production time must be authorized with a Son of a Sailor representative. Payment in full in advance is required for rush orders, and may be subject to a rush fee.


We are proud to offer a wide assortment of customizable product. Custom orders must be paid in full when placed in order to begin production. Delay in payment may extend the delivery date of custom orders. Please note, custom orders may not be cancelled, and are not eligible for refund or exchange. All sales on custom items are final.


Our items are carefully hand-crafted from our studio. We strive to produce and ship wholesale orders as quickly as possible. That said, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

If you desire a ship date on your order that is earlier than the full 6 week delivery time, please contact us to discuss the possibility of making that happen.

We often require 6-8 weeks during the busy holiday season and high order volume. We will confirm ship dates along with your invoice. During the holiday season, we will send notification of our ordering deadlines in our newsletter to ensure that your important holiday order arrives in time for your peak season!


Each item is individually packaged in a poly zip bag and labeled. If desired, muslin bags are available, by request, at no additional charge.

Gift boxes for all items are available, but may be subject to additional costs. The typical charge for gift boxes is $1 each. Please note that shipping costs for boxed items go up, often dramatically.

We are happy to offer additional packaging options to fit your needs, please contact us for any specific requests. Please note that shipping costs for boxed items go up, often dramatically.


Domestic orders are shipped via UPS with insurance. If you have an account number you would prefer that we use for shipment, please provide us with that number at the time of your order.

International orders are shipped via UPS, and customers are responsible for all customs, duties, taxes, and tariffs. If an alternative shipping method is preferred, please indicate that at the time of your order.

Estimated shipping costs are added to orders at the time of placement. All actual shipping costs are calculated at the time of shipment. Should the real shipping cost differ from the estimated, an adjustment will be made in whichever direction is necessary. Expedited shipping is available by request, at an additional cost.

When paying for your order at the time of placement, shipping costs are calculated based on the weights of the products in your cart. While this calculation is often accurate, there are times when the calculation will be greater or less than the actual cost. The actual cost of shipping and handling is calculated at the time of shipment., and any adjustment necessary will be made.

By request, Son of a Sailor can ship orders via USPS rather than UPS. Son of a Sailor is not liable for loss or damage on orders shipped via USPS. Please be sure to request your preference for USPS, and agree to assume liability prior to shipment.

Son of a Sailor is not responsible for carrier delays, damage, or loss. Should your item arrive damaged, please photograph the packaging and the product so that we may assist you in making an insurance claim with the carrier.


Please make any cancellations or changes within 48 hours of placing your order. Any cancellations or reductions in your order after 48 hours may be assessed a 15% restocking fee.

Exchanges on new, unused, currently available merchandise may be made at our discretion. Please contact us prior to shipping any items to the studio to discuss your exchange. Son of a Sailor reserves the right to deny the exchange of any goods that it does not deem to be in "like-new" condition. All shipping expenses for exchanged merchandise are the responsibility of the retailer.

Son of a Sailor accepts returns on defective merchandise only, and are valid for exchange or credit. Please request return authorization before shipping returned merchandise. Items returned without authorization are not the responsibility of Son of a Sailor.


Son of a Sailor stands behind our products and we are happy to repair damaged merchandise from retailers or your customers. Repairs may be subject to a fee, depending on the situation. Please contact us with your desired repair to discuss specifics.


Son of a sailor expressly prohibits the resale of our goods on third party vendor sites such as Ebay, Amazon, or Etsy. Doing so without prior consent is a direct violation of our wholesale agreement.



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+NET 30+

We are pleased to offer Net 30 terms for key clients of Keena!
Please advise any inquiries to complete our Net Terms application found Here! 


+ Payment in full is due 30 days from date of shipment (the day goods leave our studio and shipment provider takes possession.)

+ Valid credit card must be kept on file via Quickbooks

+ Fees and charges:

  • overdue: 2% per 7 days
  • 28 days past due: 4% recovery fee (in addition to any past due charges)
  • cancelled order: 15% restocking fee (cancellation after 48hrs of placement)



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Q. Is your turn-around time really 6 weeks?
As everything is made by hand, our standard turn-around time is 6 weeks. While we always strive to ll orders ASAP, it can take the full 6 weeks – especially during peak season. That said, we will always work with our stockists when possible, so if your client needs something by a specific date, just let us know and we’ll let you know if it is something we can accommodate!

Q. My Customer needs this order ASAP. Can you guarantee an early ship date?
A. We can rush orders on a case-by-case basis. Depending on many factors, orders can be expediated, but may be subject to a rush fee.

Q. It’s getting close to the Holidays and I’m not sure if our order is too late!
A. We send a holiday ordering deadline schedule every year to let our customers know when to get their orders in and when they will ship out. Missed the deadline or have a specfic delivery date? Let us know what you need and we’ll let you know what we can do. The holidays do tend to be our craziest time of the year, but when in doubt, reach out!

Q. Do you accept net terms?
A. While payment at shipment is preferred, we love to work with our clients when possible and accept Net30 terms. We prefer to keep a signed Net30 agreement on file, though we realize that many companies will not sign an agreement. If they would rather provide us with their terms, we can also accept their agreement once re- viewed. Brownie points if you have experience with a client – though it’s not a must.

Q. We love your custom items! Are there any special terms with custom orders?
A. Yes! Custom items require prepayment (at time of order) and cannot be cancelled, edited, or exchanged after 48 hours of ordering.

Q. My customer loves Son of a Sailor, but thinks they may have seen them at another local shop. How do you deal with oversaturation?
A. As a general rule, we strive to reserve a one- mile radius for all of our stockists to ensure that Son of a Sailor feels fresh in their storefront. As a Keena rep, we rely on your personal relationship with stockists when it comes to preserving exclusivity. Every neighborhood is different, and we respect your knowledge of your territory. If multiple stockists in the same area are interested in Son of a Sailor, we often offer to split the lines, selling Jewelry at one location and Supply at another. As the two lines are so vastly different, we find it to be a great option.No matter the outcome, communication is of the utmost importance to us. We like to keep the lines open to our stockists, potential customers, and, now, our reps. We always start by having a conversation and will always strive to work some- thing out for everyone!

Q. Are your items made in the USA?
Yes! The Son of a Sailor line is handmade in our San Marcos, Texas studio. We strive to source materials as close to home as possible and work with US based companies whenever we can, though some elements do travel to us from over- seas (like our Greek ceramic beads, and French Opinel knives, for example.) If your customer needs specifics, let us know and we’re happy to go into more detail on any of our products!

Q. Are you guys Jimmy Buffett fans?
We get this all the time, but we were not familiar with the song, Son of a Son of a Sailor until after our business was named and started gaining steam. Instead, the name Son of a Sailor stems from Billy’s Naval experience.

Q. Speaking of, how do you come up with your names?
A. While Son of a Sailor came from Billy’s past in the Navy, the nautical influence in our line is subtle and referential. One of the major ways it plays into the business is through the naming of the Supply line. Every Supply product is named after the phonetic alphabet -- call letters used in the military and elsewhere. You may recognize the old favorites like Whiskey, Tango, and Delta, but you’ll also see less familiar ones like Emma. After running out of the traditional US call letters, we started using the alphabet from Great Britain’s Royal Air Force, both modern and historical. Every Son of a Sailor line is named with a story! Our pet line, Willis & Eastwood, is named for the owner’s pups and SOS mascots, Bruce Willis and Clint Eastwood. Each item in the line will be named for a furry friend close to us. Our current jewelry collection, FEMINA, draws its names from influential women in history. You’ll recognize names such as Georgia (O’Keeffe), Amelia (Earhart), and (Toni) Morrison as well known American figures. You may be less familiar with names like Vigdís (Finnbogadóttir) after the world’s first democratically directly elected female president of Iceland!

Q. Your work is beautiful, but how will it look in a couple of years?
A. Son of a Sailor works to make pieces that will last for a lifetime of wear. We use durable paints on our leather goods that will hold up during rough and tumble wear. Our jewelry is made from 14k gold-filled, sterling silver, brass and bronze -- all of which can be polished back to their original shine. For more information on materials used and how to care for them, check out our “Materials” page!

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