We’re on the hunt for a Production Intern to join our team for the summer season! As an intern, your primary focus will be learning basic jewelry, leather, and painting production. We offer the opportunity to gain exposure to all aspects of running a small creative business, including small and large-scale production of handmade products, retail and wholesale sales, customer service, and more. While we do not require specific relevant work experience in order to work with us, applicants should be confident working on small, detail-oriented tasks, and have good manual dexterity. Interns work directly with the Production Manager as well as the owners, and will be trained one-on-one. Overall we are looking for someone who is:
Detail oriented: Whether that means taking notes or working from memory, training includes demonstration of processes that will need to be recreated consistently with great attention to detail.
Consistent:  Production includes making large quantities of the same items. In addition to paying attention to specific details, recreating consistent tasks with care are the key parts of this position.
Efficient: The time that it takes to construct each product we create is factored into the price of the item. While there will be a learning curve, the goal is to create products as efficiently as possible. The ability to work fast without sacrificing quality is important!
This internship begins as soon as possible. We have some exciting projects underway, and need your help! You’ll be working with us 10-15 hours a week in our San Marcos studio, right off of the square. If interested, please fill out the application below and we will follow up with you shortly!