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Incense / Los Angeles

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As complex and rebellious as its hometown, Los Angeles wraps a warm, woody base with night blooming jasmine, unfolding a luxe fragrance with earthy undertones.  Rejuvenating notes of sea salt, coastal sage, and herbaceous yarrow reveal a magnetic heart.  

Created in collaboration with the Mayor's Fund of Los Angeles for LA Original, an initiative showcasing the city's vibrant community of makers and manufacturers.  A portion of proceeds will benefit the Downtown Women's Center, who are dedicated to helping women transition out of homelessness.  

Los Angeles 

Top Notes: night blooming jasmine, dry desert air, lime

Heart: sea salt, coastal sage, yarrow

Base: redwood, sea salt , beachwood 

Burn Time: 1 hr. 

Scent Longevity: 2-4 hrs 

Size: 10.75" long

Simple ingredients. Charcoal-based incense sticks are hand-dipped and packed with care in our Los Angeles studio, each kraft package includes 15 incense sticks.

For best results, P.F. incense fills small to large spaces nicely, from bedrooms and living rooms to spaces with high ceilings.  Never leave incense burning unattended or within reach of a draft, pets, or small children.