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The Story of The Storefront

The Story of The Storefront

Posted by Jessica Knopp on 1st Sep 2017

William and I started Son of a Sailor just over 6 years ago now, launching our line of jewelry and assorted vintage finds. Our brand evolved quickly over the next year as we dropped our vintage finds and added the Supply line, where we were able to present a myriad of other personal accessories. 

Since we began the company we have traveled far and wide for shows. As we travel from city to city, we have built a pretty wonderful network of friends and fellow makers! We find ourselves surrounded by talented folks making ceramics, apothecary items, apparel, home goods -- pretty much everything you can imagine! Friendships from road shows has led us to dear friendships, and made traveling all the more exciting.

When we moved into our current studio, we set up a small retail showroom of our own items, as we often had folks stopping by to make purchases. We quickly realized that Canopy, the creative complex where we are located, began to get more and more traffic. Sa-Ten, our new favorite coffee shop and cafe, feeds folks, and galleries like Modern Rocks and Big Medium have begun to make Canopy a true destination in East Austin.

As we welcomed more and more folks by our showroom, we realized that we had a wonderful opportunity to grow a little boutique! With our extensive list of fellow makers under our belts, we decided to turn our little showroom into a "real shop" and start carrying other brands that complement our own wares.

Today, we are proud to stock items from brands like P.F. Candle Co., Imaginary Authors, Pigeon Toe Ceramics, Argaman & Defiance, Fortitude Provisions, Friend Assembly, Fruit Super, Eliana Bernard, Birch & Goldberry, Carolyn Suzuki, and many more! Check out our brands page to see all of the wonderful products you can find at The Storefront. 

As we continue to grow, we strive to continue bringing in an array of interesting goods that are perfect for "lifestyle enhancement" as well as gifting! We love the idea that if you like our products, you'll be interested in the other things that we love as well! 

The Storefront will continue to host new and fresh product on a regular basis. We also try to bring a great deal of these items to our website for those that would like to shop our store, but aren't in Austin! Either way, we hope that you'll want to make our shop your first stop when you're trying to find handmade goods and independent designer wares from unique small businesses!