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Handpainted Leather

Handpainted Leather

Posted by Jessica Knopp on 4th Sep 2017

On so many of the pages of our website, you will read that our items are "hand-painted," and that "no two are exactly alike, but all are made with care!" To elaborate on that, we thought we would talk a little bit about that process! 

We believe that one of the qualities of Son of a Sailor products that sets us apart is that we take functional, classic designs, and give them a little infusion of personality with color and pattern. As far as our leather goods are concerned, we do that with painted detailing that is done in a manner of ways. 

Our best-selling, original product, the Tango Key Fob, is lovingly referred to as "the dipped one" by customers. In fact, we don't just give these guys a little dunk in the paint, but rather painstakingly brush each one freehand! The paint we use is too thick to evenly coat the leather, and leave a clean, crisp line, like we prefer. So we create those crisp lines by hand, which takes a bit more time and practice than it might appear! 

Our patterns, found on the Tango Simple Key Fob and the Tango Petite Clip Fob are similarly applied -- we have different brushes to achieve different strokes, and even a little tool we use to make the dots! When we began creating the patterns, we embraced the organic imperfection that happens when you strive to replicate shapes. So in this case, while we try to make our patterns consistent, we don't try to make them clean and crisp like the color-blocked guys. You'll find the same technique across our assortment of painted supply goods

The paint that we use is a wonderful and durable paint that isn't going anywhere once it's applied! Sometimes we wish it wasn't quite as permanent -- when a brush slips or someone bumps a table -- but once that paint is on the leather, it's sticking around. (We hold our breath a lot while painting, especially when we're painting the larger, pricier items like the Bravo Notebook.) The durability comes in extremely handy, however, on the products in our Willis & Eastwood pet line! While it is possible to wear out the paint on a Willis collar (named after our big guy, Bruce Willis) it takes a lot of rolling around in the mud and roughhousing to gain a weathered patina.  

The leashes and collars have a more exact, geometric pattern. On these guys, we do mask off our paint area before brushing on the color. Each of our products requires a slightly different technique, but all come out with a truly handmade, high-quality painted finish! 

So look again at our painted leather -- in each one you'll find someone's handiwork. Painstaking detail, careful application, and a human element in each piece.