Bright colors are a Son of a Sailor must. We seriously love our beaded necklaces -- so much, in fact, that we based our entire new collection around them! Our favorite necklace has a rich Son of a Sailor history, here's a look back on it's many incarnations!

From our first collection, we've been about bright pops and color blocks. We started with the Ankaa necklace in our Polaris collection, which soon became one of our best sellers. Full of colors and beaded on a brass chain, this necklace has been the perfect piece. We've carried the necklace through each collection, bettering it as we went.

In the LAND collection, we updated the look and the name. We sprinkled some gemstones in with the glass beads to complete each of the three unique colorways. 

We continued the Arete for two more seasons, updating the colors as we went. It's always been one of our favorites as well as a best seller -- it's been amazing to see our loyal customers collecting the Arete in different colors!

The latest version of the Ankaa is our Archer necklace. We've taken it back to its roots with bright glass and ceramic beads, but we kept the brass chain, but you can opt for 14k gold fill chain for an elevated twist. We loved this guy so much, we decided to design the entire collection around him!

We kicked it up a notch with the Coryell necklace. It's a little bigger than the Archer and features glass and ceramic beaded sections as well as little peaks of leather. 

We like to think that the Bowie takes the bold and makes it bolder. This guy features the addition of gemstones and capitalizes on play between leather and beads.

Juxtaposing the Coryell and the Bowie is the Fannin necklace -- the smallest of the FOUNDATIONS collection, the Fannin offers a peak of refined color on gold fill beading chain.

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