+ Special order is a customization of any piece in our current season's offerings
+ Son of a Sailor requests all special order custom orders be paid in full prior to production.
+ Credit cards will be charged at the time of order receipt for the full order amount. 
+ Customers may request to pay up front only for the portion of their order that is custom, but no exceptions will be made on prepayment for custom items. 
+ Special Order minimum is 6 pieces per custom sku 
+ Special Order custom orders may not be cancelled, and are not eligible for return or exchange. 

All special order custom sales are final

Son of a Sailor expressly prohibits the resale of our goods on third party vendor sites such as eBay, Amazon, or Etsy. Doing so without prior consent is a direct violation of our wholesale agreement. 



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Paint color customization is the easiest way to set yourself apart while keeping your favorite products in stock. We all want to carry the most popular brands, but we don’t want to end up looking like every everyone else! While we can’t promise custom color exclusivity, we can ensure that the colors of your painted Son of a Sailor leather, wood & metal products reflect the shop you've worked hard to curate. 

Choose from any of our special order swatches for no additional fee! If you are looking for a specific color, color matching is available but will incur an additional fee.

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Son of a Sailor is pleased to offer special order bead options to our stockists! We have worked with many of our wonderful retailers creating custom Son of a Sailor pieces that look right at home next to their own handmade product. Whether it be matching the perfect mug with the perfect necklace (as seen with Paper & Clay above) or creating a set of layered bracelets that tell the story of your shop! We would love to help curate your space better than ever with Son of a Sailor custom bead colors! If you choose from our special order bead swatches, there is no fee to bead customization, we just ask that you meet our 6 piece minimum for custom skus! 

Take a look through our bead swatch book and pick a color that exudes you! Can't find the right color in our book, don't worry color matching is available but will incur an additional fee. 

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For easy ordering and accessibility, we have assembled digital swatch books to show our custom colors. The swatch books, which are located on the next few pages, are split into “Leather”, “Wood & Metal”, and "Beading".
Due to the making process, please keep in mind product material when ordering, as a wooden or metal product cannot be painted with leather paint and vice versa.

screen-shot-2018-04-11-at-1.11.50-pm.png  screen-shot-2018-04-11-at-1.12.09-pm.png  beadbookcover.jpg
(click for details)



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This technique can be applied to both leather and wood items. Branding burns a custom logo onto the piece resulting in an organic, raw dark brown coloring. This technique is created using a hot metal tool by hand, the brand produces slight inconsistencies and has potential for over burn. Depending on the size of the logo, a one time tooling fee starts at $150 and goes up according to size and intricacy of graphic. The brand may be used on all goods now and in the future, provided that product can accommodate the size of the brand. There is a $1 per unit customization fee for branding. Because each brand is made custom, we are subject to the turn around time of the tooling company which may extend lead times.

This technique can be seen on our leather mug sleeve and flight board.

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Laser Engraving

Laser engraving creates a precise and consistent logo every time. This process burns a custom logo onto the piece and results in dark brown coloring. This technique can be applied to both leather and wood items. Price is per unit with a non-refundable $45 design/set-up fee. Per unit fees can range anywhere from $5 - $20 depending on the size and intricacy of a design.  Please send us a pdf or .ai graphic vector image to create your mock-up. We will send your design with appropriate sizing and placement. Lead time of engraved items may increase slightly depending on graphic. Please note, revisions in excess may incur an increase of the design/set-up fee.

This technique can be seen on our shot board.

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Embossing uses a stamp to mark the leather, resulting in a relief that has little effect on coloration. This technique can be applied to leather items only. Depending on the size of the logo, there is a tooling fee to create the stamp, which usually ranges from $100 - $150. The stamp may be used on all goods now and in the future, ensuring that product can accommodate the size of the stamp. There is a $1 per unit customization fee for embossing. Lead time of embossed items may increase slightly. 

This technique can be seen on our Rio Embossed collection and our Special Order Tango Keychains 

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Did something sell extremely well for you but it's from three seasons ago?! Don't worry, we can create discontinued items as custom items! Our minimum quantities to create a discontinued piece is 10 per sku. Our typical wholesale minimums apply. 
Discontinued items are available on a case by case basis. Send us an email and let's chat about what you'd like!!