Incense | ODIN

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This natural hand-made agarwood, nag champa, juniper berries and wild herbs incense is devoted to Odin – the Norse god of war and wisdom. We believe that the magical fragrance of this incense and a simple meditation/affirmation ritual and Odin’s assistance might help to: Gain confidence in your strengths; Gain physical and spiritual powers; Overcome difficulties, obstacles and challenges; Awaken and battle everyday misfortunes and problems, and overcome them. In Norse mythology, Odin is the chief god, the god of war and wisdom. Odin dwells in the gods’ world Asgard, where from his throne Hliðskjálf he looks over the whole world. Odin is said to have given life to the first humans: Ask and Embla. This hand-made natural herbal incense is made only of natural plants and herbs.