We made our first donation today!

Posted by Jessica Knopp on

We are thrilled to make our first (of many, we hope) donation to METAvivor, a wonderful organization dedicated to the specific fight of women and men living with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. 

For each of our FUCK CANCER necklaces sold, we give $20 directly to this organization. 

This whole endeavor came about as we struggled to find a way to send good vibes and energy to our incredible cousin, who was on her own journey through cancer. So we made her a necklace -- it's what we do! Well, she loved it, and knew many other folks that she thought needed this sentiment, as well. So we've added it to our lineup, but with the caveat that we're sending a large portion of the profit directly to her nonprofit of choice.

So every month, we'll tally up the total necklaces sold and send $20 for each one their way.

Thanks for supporting! And if you want to send your money directly their way, here is a link to donate!

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