Meet the Team

Meet the Team

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Working for a small business takes a lot of creativity and requires you to wear a lot of hats. We got lucky because our employees are used to it; they all have their own small businesses! They are pretty stellar, so we wanted to highlight them this week and encourage you to shop small this holiday season. It makes a big impact! 

Brian Guzman:

I'm Brian Guzman, an Austin native and your go-to guy for Commercial Studio Photography. With 4 years under my belt in Photography, Graphic Design, and Photographic Studio Lighting, I'm all about creating photos that are clean, bold, and graphically striking. I love teaming up with passionate artists, brands, and individuals, using creative photography to give them a professional edge and help them soar above the competition. 
Q: How did you get started with photography?
A: I first dabbled in photography during high school but fully embraced it in 2019 during nursing school. Fueled by a fascination with the human body, I naturally gravitated towards portrait photography. By June of the following year, I ventured into studio photography, where I met a mentor who helped fine-tune my lighting techniques. Through various jobs, I honed my technical skills, gaining valuable on-the-job experience that shaped my passion for photography.
Q:What motivates you?
A: Generally, building lasting bonds and friendships. Personally, learning and developing, what the next project and challenge will be that I can tackle that I haven’t done before. 
Q: What are you working on now?
A: Keeping up with the seasons! These next couple of months will most likely be holiday cards / Christmas mini-sessions! 
Q: How do you use the skills from your photography business at Son of a Sailor?
A: I utilize being able to build rapport quickly with people to help give them a personalized experience when coming into the store.
Check out his work here:

Briana Guerrero:

My side hustle is luxury custom cakes at Coven Cakes! I grew up crafting and making things with my hands, so I knew that I wanted to create full-time and put those naturally honed skills to use. Cakes are the perfect blank canvas to be able to use an array of mediums, and they taste amazing so that's a big plus! I am always motivated to create something unique and modern to go along with my clients' events. Currently, I am working on a fall cake design for a really special event, as well as just getting ready for the beast that is holiday baking. The same skills I use for cake making are used to produce jewelry for Son of a Sailor. Im accustomed to measuring every little thing and having to use a keen eye for detail. I also have some past experience soldering which is totally useful in doing permanent jewelry!
Check out her work here:

Abby Ritter:

I'm Abby and I make beaded goods under the name Sail Camp. Sail Camp is inspired by my childhood summers in Virginia spent sailing and making friendship bracelets. Beads are such a fun medium that I love using in jewelry and accessories.

Q:How did you get started with beadwork?

A:One great thing about being in the Honors College at my school was they had some really unique classes, one of which was “Talking with Beads.” I had never really thought about beads before, but it had a really amazing teacher, Sonya Clark. She kind of changed my whole life. Ever since that class, I have not stopped beading and it has been the main medium that I work with. She started the class with asking, “what is a bead?” I wrote down, “anything that has a hole through it.” The class talked about what could be a bead: a donut, a house, our bodies. After that class, I was sold!

Q: What motivates you?

A: Community, craft, and love <3

Q: What are you working on now?

A: I just had my son, Gale, in September, so right now I am kind of on a working maternity leave. Most of my time is taken up working at SOS and learning how to be a mom. I hope to spend more time on Sail Camp and making some new beaded things in the new year! 

Q: How do you use the skills from your jewelry business at Son of a Sailor?

Even though I am special project manager now, I got started as a production assistant making jewelry! With running Sail Camp, I was used to wearing a lot of hats so I naturally just progressed into Special Projects Manager. 

Check our her work here:

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