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As a small maker business, we talk a lot about being handmade, but I wanted to take a moment to delve deeper into our process. There is beauty in the details, and a lot of the quality that we boast comes from our materials.

We have designed many leather goods as a part of our Supply line, and we are very proud to use genuine leather from Wickett & Craig, a US tannery. What that means is that we are working with an American company to source beautiful, high-quality leather that comes from North American cattle. While there are many beautiful leathers that come other countries, we are proud to produce leather products that are fully Made in the USA!

The leather that we source is also vegetable tanned, which is a traditional method used by skilled craftspeople that uses organic and biodegradable materials. It is more difficult and takes more time than alternative chemical-based methods, but results in gorgeous, heritage-quality leather hides. 

We bring full and partial hides into our studio where we cut, stitch, and finish each piece. Our designs include pieces inspired by origami, the effort to create pieces from single pieces of leather, and donning hand-painted blocks of color, patterns, and accents. 

Your Son of a Sailor leather good is a piece with a rich history--it is built with integrity from local materials. Using time-honored traditional processes and with great care and attention to detail, our leather items are heirloom pieces that are ready to join you on your journey.

Take a closer look at the leather that we use in this video from Wickett & Craig, and shop our leather goods here!



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