Meet the Team


the-staff-jessica-k.jpgWhere I'm from - I was born in Plano, TX and ended up back in the homeland for high school, but I moved around quite a bit as a kid.
Favorite SOS product - While I am pretty obsessed with anything that has Opalescent Blue paint on it right now my favorite product is the Emma clutch!
Color I'm currently in love with - Outside of the Opalescent Blue I mentioned above, it's black. Black is the new black right now.
Preferred vacation spot - Because we've been there twice, I have to say Playa del Carmen! We took there for our honeymoon and just went back for a vacation last year. But in reality, there's a long list of places that make me happy! Skiing, desert vacation, Italy---they're all good!
Holiday I anticipate the most - While I love the Christmas season as a whole, I would say that I anticipate Halloween the most. My birthday is so close that we almost always have a combo party, so planning my costume takes up a lot of mental space!
Food I can never get enough of - Many people have a sweet tooth, but I have a potato tooth. Seriously, in any form I LOVE potatoes!
Movie I always quote - Anchorman. It has real bits of panther in it, so you know it's good.
That childhood memory that always gives me warm feelings - Playing in our finished basement with my brother. Truthfully, we were probably fighting, but we loved staging epic battles with our He-Man and She-Ra toys.



Where I'm from
 - Well-my heart has been in Texas for as long as I can remember
Favorite SOS product - I use my Quebec wallet and Alpha clip everyday, so those.
Color I'm currently in love with - Walnut, black and copper all year long. That's 3 if you consider black a color.
Preferred vacation spot - Playa del Carmen and anywhere you can see the Rocky Mountain Range.
Holiday I anticipate the most - Jessica's Birthday and Jesus's Birthday.  
Food I can never get enough of - Pecan pie and calamari. Individually.      
Movie I always quote - Is this guy boring you? Why don't you talk to me instead? I'm from a different's true. You want to see my spaceship? - Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
That childhood memory that always gives me warm feelings - Camping with my family. We had an ol' slide in truck camper and took it all over the mountains.





Retail & Social Media


Where I'm from - I'm from Austin, born and raised.
Favorite SOS product - Anything splatter-painted.
Color I'm most in love with - I'm having a bit of a love affair with the nudes at the moment, anything on the spectrum of ivory to deep brown, I'm there.
Preferred vacation spot - The travel bug lives strong in me - put me on a train with a window to look out and I'm happy.
Holiday I anticipate the most and why - I love the major holiday season that we have in the US, from Thanksgiving through the New Year, there's just such an atmosphere of universal joy that makes me so happy.
What brought me to SOS - I came to Son of a Sailor because I love working with small local businesses, but SOS has such a great atmosphere, it keeps me excited to come to work every day.
Food I can never get enough of - Coffee.
Movie I always quote - The Office, Sweeney Todd, and The Princess Bride. We'll call it The Sweeney Bride.
That childhood memory that always gives me warm feelings - I had the best, most magical childhood ever. Pretty much every memory I can remember gives me the warm fuzzies.



Production Assistant


Where I'm from - Richardson, TX
Favorite SOS product - The London Change Valet
Color I'm most in love with - Blue-Grey
Preferred vacation spot - Medieval Times
Holiday I anticipate the most and why - New Years Day! Last several years, I've made it a tradition to spend the day with friends, BBQ and Bloody Marys.
What brought me to SOS - Friendship
Food I can never get enough of - PEANUT BUTTER
Movie I always quote - I'm going with a TV show instead... MTV's The State
That childhood memory that always gives me warm feelings - "Feelings" does not compute. 







Production Assistant

the-staff-mallory.jpgWhere I’m fromI was born and raised in San Antonio. I moved to San Marcos to attend Texas State University in 2007. Five years later, I moved here to Austin.
Favorite SOS productMy favorite SOS item changes with each collection. Right now, I can’t stop wearing the Kiya drop necklace, which is an exclusive necklace we did for a site called Madesmith. Jessica and Billy came up with the coolest drop shape that I added on to a 30” gold fill chain. Also, the Tango Clip Fob will always be a favorite item of mine from the supply line. 
Color I’m most in love withI've always insisted that I don't have a favorite color. I'm drawn to different ones for different reasons and that changes all the time.
Preferred vacation spot - My preferred vacation spot would be anywhere in Europe. This is all based on the idea of having unlimited time, income, and means of going. I wouldn't mind it one bit.
Holiday I anticipate the most and whyThe holiday I anticipate most often has got to be the Fall/Winter holidays.  Every year Christmas comes and goes so fast.  I like the time right between Thanksgiving and Christmas... if only it lasted a little longer. 
What brought me to SOSI started out as an apprentice through Girls Guild and did my time for about a year. I was officially hired in August of 2014. Growing up I always loved making jewelry. I've dabbled in beading, wire work, and small scale metal work. I love it all. I'm so happy I have a job where I get to have fun and do what I love.
Food I can never get enough ofI can't get enough Ramen and Interior Mexican food. Ooooh!  Also, Thai, Vietnamese, and Indian. Food is always on our mind at the SOS Studio and I'm kind of ok with that
The movie I always quote fromUnfortunately, I have a horrible memory and movie quotes don't stick in my head. :(
That childhood memory that always gives me warm feelings - That memory would have to be sliding down the staircase on a leather couch cushion with my brother and sister at my grandparents house in Lakeway.  My Grandma and Grandad would get really mad!  As kids, we dreaded going up there because we felt it was boring - and it was haunted.  Looking back on those times I know understand that boring = relaxing and that calling it haunted was an excuse (maybe.) I have a lot of great memories from that house.  


Production Assistant


Where I'm from - I moved here when I was two, so I consider myself an Austinite. 
Favorite SOS item - I have to pick a favorite?! I’ve really been digging’ on the arc and angle A’AT necklace recently. But, the Jezebel (in both styles) has my eye as well.
Color I'm most in love with - I love purple, (although this is an unpopular opinion in the studio) it just look like the color of magic. It has to be the right shade, though.
Preferred vacation spot - Does my bed count?
Holiday I anticipate the most and why - Fall/Winter holidays are always my favorite. It’s hard to choose. It’s a tie between Halloween and Christmas. Halloween, because I love dressing up. Christmas, because peppermint.
What brought me to SOS - Dave actually brought me here (quite literally, I didn’t have a car for a long time and he was my ride).  I work with him at my other job and he told me about an apprenticeship here, which sounded exactly like something I wanted to do, and it was.
Food I can never get enough of - Bread. GARLIC. Coffee. Coffee comes from a bean so it counts.
Movie I always quote - It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I know it not a movie, but its my answer.
That childhood memory that always gives me warm feelings - Making tamales at my grandparent’s house during the holidays.