By: Zouz

Bacchus Blend lives up to it's namesake- the intoxicating, heavy resinous aroma is earthy. Associated with Love, Luck, Lust, Fortune, Action, Earthly Pleasures, Intoxication. 

Bacchus Blend contains:

Dragons Blood
Red Sandalwood
Red Wine

3"x3" Box contains 8 hand rolled cones.

Average cone burning time is 25 minutes.  Fragrance can last for up to 8 hours.

Natural Aromatics. Each incense is hand rolled and created with an unique blend of whole plants and herbs, tree resin, wood powders, and essential oils. Each piece is free from charcoal or synthetic materials. 

Smart Smoke:  Only burn incense on a fireproof surface. Do not leave burning incense  unattended. 

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